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Two ways to improve
your leadership presence
How you speak

The Leader's Guide to Speaking With Presence:
How to Project Confidence, Conviction, and Authority

AMACOM $9.95

A leader’s most important job is to communicate. Every day, whether in a meeting or presentation, a water-cooler conversation or a formal speech, his or her ability to craft and deliver a clear message, one the audience will believe, is the tipping point between forgettable and transformational.

The Leader’s Guide to Speaking with Presenceis a concise tool kit containing more than 100 practical tips for creating and communicating meaningful messages with presence and authority.  Readers will discover how to:

  • Present their ideas clearly and provide context
  • Radiate confidence and put the audience at ease
  • Refine their delivery
  • Use stories to inform, involve and inspire
  • Leverage the energy of any room
  • Convey optimism tempered with reality to gain buy-in
  • Turn Power Point presentations into performances

To be truly effective, a leader’s words need to ring true and his or her delivery needs to be authentic. This handy, little guide helps readers achieve the meaningful, genuine presence that leads to lasting trust and quantifiable influence.



How you act

12 Steps to Power Presence:
How to Assert Your Authority to Lead

AMACOM $9.95

Leaders project power through their presence.

Leadership presence is the outward manifestation of leadership behavior. While leaders project their leadership, followers authorize it with their approval. Leadership presence is “earned authority.” Those two words are important. Earned means you have led by example.

12 Steps to Power Presencedemonstrates ways managers can improve their presence strategically and tactically to develop the trust of their people so that they can accomplish their goals and the goals of the organization.

12 Steps to Power Presence explains what it takes to be a leader – one who can develop the trust of people in order to can accomplish individual and organizational goals and results.

12 Steps to Power Presence

  • Project A2 (authenticity/authority) through presence
  • Transform good character into positive action
  • Explore five aspects of authority
  • Instilling pride of purpose
  • Projecting hope and optimism
  • Coaching your boss
  • Deliver practical tips for leadership who must communicate, delegate, manage and inspire



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